Dr Judy Chamberlin LCSW PsyD lcS 26665 


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Family Therapy



Families often find themselves in need of help. There are different ways to approach family therapy depending on your family's situation. I work with all members of the family together, separately and/or work with the parents independently. My preference is to begin with the parents, providing guidance and education. This provides an opportunity to create a more lasting change. When possible, I counsel and coach parents through the process of meeting their family’s needs more directly. Parents bring their own issues and histories. Children look to their parents for cues about what to expect and how to behave. Identifying the cues and providing an accepting and loving environment allows parents to choose healthier ways of responding to their children that promote a sense of safety and security.


Sometimes, parent education is enough. Other times it works better to expand treatment to include other family members. I often see individual adolescents and children in my practice. At the initial intake I will complete a full evaluation and make recommendations for a course of action. I tend to give families home work and activities to do between sessions. I also look at relationship patterns and attachment styles of the parents and pay close attention to the impact that these factors have on the rest of the family.


My goal in providing therapy for families is to foster a sense of belonging and trust, as well as embracing and honoring each person’s uniqueness and worth.