Dr Judy Chamberlin LCSW PsyD lcS 26665 


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Couples Therapy



We come into this world with a natural inclination to seek connection and a sense of wellbeing. A newborn infant instinctively looks for a source of warmth and love. Her very life depends on establishing this connection. The desire and need for positive connections and love continues throughout the life span. Both mind and body instinctively crave connection. Studies show that the single most essential ingredient for happiness and sense of well-being is good relationships, which includes both your relationship with others as well as your relationship with yourself.

I specialize working with couples, whether in conflict, recovering from infidelities, sexual addictions or just in need of help revitalizing their relationships. I find great satisfaction in supporting clients through the process of identifying and healing old patterns and wounds that may be preventing them from fully developing and enjoying the love and intimacy they are meant to have.  

Ways to establish and maintain secure relationships are not always clear. Uncomfortable feelings such as anger, resentment, anxiety, sadness and hopelessness create barriers and blur the path toward positive relationships. Taking a deeper look at the roots of these difficulties can provide clarity and lead to more satisfying relationships.When working with couples in therapy, I coach each partner to create safe, loving, secure bonds. I practice from an attachment based model, which holds that healthy adult relationships are the by-product of secure emotional bonds.